Wrap Your Mind Around Things
Tic tac toe, playable for two, one against computer, or computer playing both X and O
On the Writing of God
A small overview of common keyboard shortcuts
Refutation of Temporal Relativity Refutation of temporal relativity in the sense of Einstein's Special Relativity theory (that the passage of time depends on how fast you move and how much gravitational or motional acceleration you are subjected to), which theory never specifies what motion should be defined relative to—and cannot do so, because it assumes validity of the principle of relativity, according to which there is no physically primary frame of reference. The treatment validates aether as medium of varying density (equivalent to gravitational strength) for radiation propagation, by which phenomena otherwise considered relativistic may be understood. Varying density of aether is the missing piece of Lorentz's puzzle that would have obviated any need for Einstein's relativity. Written by JMC.
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Applications developed (in part) by JMC
CAOS logo Computer-Aided Ontology Structuring, an application for building conceptual hierarchies, aiding the user by performing advanced logical integrity checks and automatically generating diagram layout based on the logical information. Still in development phase, so we accept only a limited group of users. All application programming by JMC for CBS.
VIA logo Visual Interactive Analysis, a grammar training program with intelligent feedback, used by various educational institutions across the country. Upgraded to Internet-based application and expanded with further intelligent feedback, multilingual morphological dictionary and other improvements by JMC for CBS.
RO logo Danish dictionary (Retskrivningsordbogen), setting the official standard for Danish spelling and syntax. The link points to the free online and very limited version of the dictionary (which does, in fact, make use of a different and similarly limited database), the full version being a commercial product. Database of electronic dictionary created by JMC for Progresso, the company contracted to make the electronic dictionary for the Danish Language Council (Dansk Sprognævn).