Another Christmas Carol  


Melody: Silent Night


Peace in heart, open the mind
Christmas says be calm and kind
And it fills us with heavenly joy
When in truth we are childishly coy
If we are graceful to others
Angels will join us in song


Glorious truth, wonderful life
God has made truth for life's wife
And it burgeons with essence so warm
And it fills us with evolution
Graceful is God and his teachings
Good is his infinite truth


Melody: Jingle Bells


Hat and bells, seven knells, is it really true?
God has donned his red and white and jingles with his way
Spirit wells, a million tells, we have them in our glue
Well that we should tell this true and put it in a lay


Climb the bloody rope
Hold on to the hope
That you find what God wants most
For that is your life-line


Jingle bells, seven knells, Christmas has it's due
God has got in heaven sway and promises the day
Story tells wishing wells have the coin of poo
Might as well get used to what in heaven is away


Melody: Silent Night


Silent night, holy night
  Dwellings shining out their light
Of the people who in them dwell
In God's arms and stories tell
Listen to heaven's great host
Listen to heaven's great host


Winter night, summer night
Where are you in heaven's light
Will you listen to angels sing
And God's peace upon you bring
Listen to heaven's great host
Listen to heaven's great host


Melody: Jingle Bells


Reindeer no, sled's too slow, we must pull the weight
Tossing obligations out, now that is God in truth
Chimney lo, up we go, we must not be late
We must find his light inside, he will not have us loose


There is much to tell
Not with shout and yell
May we find a Christmas light
On this most holy night


Godly wells, truthful wells, tell a night of truth
Up up up the rope we go to God the heaven's host
Up the rope, up the rope, up up up the rope
Godly wells will stories tell of Christmas night in truth

Jakob Møller Christensen