A Christmas Carol  


Melody: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree


I have got a song in me
It's a song of God above
The song was stuck but now is free
In words of truth and love


Icy rainbow crystals alight
Everywhere the eye can see
Chirping sparrows flit in white
And squirrels dart the tree


Under heaven children play at Christmas, for they see
Warmth and caring enter hearts and minds of people all around


Angels cheering God most high
With the trumpets calling out
People are finding God in a sigh
As their hearts are most devout


Evening falls and lights are lit
All is changed to fairy world
Even the poor at table sit
Munching food and wine atwirl


Lightly whispers spirit in contentment, do we hear?
Say a prayer that this time even more of heaven remain in reach


Giving a hand of mercy is good
And it deepens out the soul
Sing of where you next will put
A word of God to men


Full is the night of twinkling stars
And a hooting owl's regard
Embers burning softly in hearths
As dreams in minds may start


Love is such a sentimental feeling, and it is
Glue of life and friendship and the best that we can give from God

Jakob Møller Christensen